Edited by Roberta Valtorta

In portraits of young men and young women, Simone Schiesari questions and questions about the "reality" of the human face, on appearance, about the relativity of the idea of ??"representation".

The artist has drawn from a collection of art history books and from online archives of important museums a series of youthful faces belonging to paintings dating from the Renaissance to the XIX century (but never before the invention of photography). Isolated from their iconographic context, they subjected them to a subtle digital intervention to eliminate the traces of physicality of pictorial matter, crevices of the support, and the printing press, thus making them similar to photographs, or rather, to technological images , And performing a kind of anthropological sampling, as subjects to study and archive, one after the other, perhaps infinitely. We are therefore facing identities of dubious origin, of which we know nothing: who are they, if they have laid before a goal, when and if they have lived.

The re-creation by Simone Schiesari expresses the difficulty of tracing back to the origins of the images that surround us in the contemporary world, to be able to read all the faces of history and mass society, always undergoing an endless process Reproduction and multiplication. Every face of a young man appears in his particular uniqueness and individuality, enveloped in enigmatic melancholy. But every face, today, is mostly an image, a physical anthropological place and a virtual one. Technological re-production and transcription speaks to us of the unachievability of the human physiognomy and of the relativity and uncertainty of the representation of yesterday as it is today. – Roberta Valtorta


Galleria Parmeggiani
Corso Cairoli, 2
42121 Reggio Emilia


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5 May> 19-23
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2 June> 10-23