Three projects by Rosario Civello are now visible in our gallery!

They are Seascapes, Signs and Snow Shapes.

The artist approaches to photography in the late '70s. He took his first steps performing aesthetic research on various topics, making use of photography to release and express her creative energy.
  Now find constant inspiration in Nature, the landscape, whose mysterious language you begin to read and learn from the moment you begin to love it and to photograph it.
"The space around us is often made up of several elements arranged in a chaotic manner. The aim is to bring order in the composition, creating a balance between the elements – light and dark, points, lines, planes and shapes. "

In particular, the series "Signs" is inspired by the book "Point and Line to Plane" by Wassily Kandinsky, read several years before the execution of the shots.

"Point and Line, as intangible geometric entities, by conceptual abstraction, materialize, acquire body and become concrete form on the surface."

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