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*Note: for the inner hole, consider 5mm less than the photo size on each side. Example: for a 40x30cm photo, the inner hole will measure 39.5x29.5cm.

Passepartout size (cm)

V Groove(*)

*The V-GROOVE option is a V-shaped incision made in the cardboard 1 cm from the edge of the inner hole of the passepartout. This precious detail offers added value to the photo and to the work of art generally.

Rear cardboard(*)

*The rear cardboard is suited for portfolio presentation and filing. You will receive the back already fixed to the passepartout.


We supply a latest generation invisible glass which uses Magnetron Sputtering (Hard Coating) technology, making it easy to clean and very resistant to scratching. This special glass transmits 99 % brightness with a visible light reflection of just 0,5%. Invisible glass is available in two types with different uv protection: ZeroGlass filters more than 70% of UV rays while ZeroGlass Pro.Tech.t protects more than 99%.

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V Groove
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