White or black passepartout online? Bartoli Cornici!

Beauty, elegance, quality and innovation are the first goal for Bartoli frames: for three generations we are committed to preserving over time and enhancing the value of photographs and images that you love the most. For this, if you are looking for a White passepartout online or a Black Passepartout online, do not hesitate to request information.

On our website, in the Passepartout section, you can buy your White passepartout online or your Black Passepartout online, in absolute comfort: choose from many types of Passepartout and many different sizes.

Do you love the most delicate nuances? You can also choose Pastel Gray Passepartout online or other color tones. An example? The Acid Free Passepartout is available in more than 40 colors.

Bespoke cut conservative passepartout

Bespoke cut acid free and conservative passepartout series Mi-Teintes