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Our passepartouts can be acid-free, conservative and museum-grade, and are available in customised bespoke formats, thanks to the computerised 45ᵒ cutting that adds depth to enhance the features of any phototaglio.The passepartouts are available in a range of thicknesses.(Example photo)


Conservative passepartout

The "Canson Conservation" cardboard has a smooth finish and stands out for its beauty and the excellent conservation it ensures for the works. This product is acid-free, alkaline buffered, compliant with ISO 9706 conservation requirements. It is also mould-resistant and free of optical brightening agents.


Passepartout museum

The cardboard Moorman Museum is composed of cellulose selected to which is added the calcium carbonate which makes the product free of acids with alkaline reserve. This board has obtained the following certifications: DIN 6738, ANSI / NISO Z39.48 and ISO 9706 CD.


100% cotton Museum

This special cardboard has a surface without grain and the various layers are fixed with glue neutral. Composed of 100% cotton is acid-free and with alkaline reserve. This remarkable product complies with the requirements of the standard ISO 9706 and those of conservation of photographic activity test (PAT). Undergoing treatment antifungal and have a natural color tending to ivory. This shade is hard to match in frame of photography, both in color and in black and white. Precisely for this reason we recommend to use this mat especially for storing photographs and vintage engravings.


Passepartout acid free

The card "Mosaica Canson" has a smooth surface coupled to a cardboard conservative white soul. comes with a paper surface smooth solid coupled to a cardboard conservative with a white core. Being acid free the paper avoids the risk that over time the works are damaged by substances released from the mat. This type of card is available in 12 different colors.


Passepartout Mi-Teintes series

The cardboard "Canson Mi-Teintes" presents a paper surface grain honeycomb, plain or mottled, coupled with a cardboard Conservative Canson with white core. This card complies with ISO 9706 and being free from acid avoids the risk that by the time the works are damaged by the substances released by the mat. This type of card is available in over 30 colors.


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