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Direct print
+ 0 € v.i.

Printing is done directly without image processing or balancing.
An automatic file check is still performed before printing.
This is the option to choose when you are sure of your file settings and you have a calibrated screen.

Manual balance
+ 2,70 € v.i.

Printing is performed after manual adjustment of brightness, contrast, curve and color temperature by our printer to obtain the best possible result.
Economical option with the guarantee of perfect rendering.

Professional editing
+ 50 € v.i.

A complete professional manual retouching is performed by an experienced technician. Before printing, you will be sent a visualization of the modified image which will allow you to provide your comments.

Black and White
+ 7 € v.i.

Your color image is converted to black and white and then manually balanced by our printer.
To have quality results it is always advisable to prefer this option over a simple desaturation of the file which, conversely, produces very poor results.

Print on
Photo Gloss Premium RC 270 Gr
Canson® Infinity Photogloss Premiun RC is an acid-free, alpha cellulose fibre paper coated with polyethylene, bearing a microporous layer for colour absorption. The inimitable coating creates an extraordinary shiny effect that perfectly satisfies the needs long requested by our customers. Canson® Infinity PhotoGloss Premium RC delivers an exceptionally deep black point (Dmax) as well as a wide range of colours, making it ideal for printing stunning colour photographs. It also exceeds the expectations of professional photographic papers, having been designed to meet the highest conservation needs.

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Photo Lustre Premium RC 310 Gr
Canson® Infinity Photo Lustre Premium RC is an extra-white, acid-free alpha cellulose paper coated with a special high-quality polyethylene structure. The special Lustre finish meets the demands of printers and consumers alike. This exceptional photographic paper has been designed for extensive preservation over time and is the perfect choice for reproductions in black and white or in colour.

Start From 4,27
Rag Photographique 310 Gr
Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique is a white museum-quality photographic and artistic paper in 100% cotton. The exceptional and uniform white point is achieved during the processing phase thanks to the introduction of natural minerals. This product was developed to meet the needs for resistance and preservation required by the digital art printing market. Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique offers a unique extra-smooth surface that is velvety to the touch. This products is capable of achieving intense colours and deep blacks, with one of the best Dmax levels available on the market (as the optical density of a deeper black). It is ideal for art photography and art editions.

Start From 10,37
Edition Etching Rag 310 Gr
Canson® Infinity Edition Etching Rag is a 100%-cotton smooth-grain paper reminiscent of traditional and original sheets of paper on which the earliest engravings were printed. This paper offers the highest white point on the market, without the use of any optical bluer, also known as Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs). OBAs are artificial bleaching chemicals that deteriorate paper over time. Thanks to the use of natural minerals, Canson® Infinity Edition Etching Rag guarantees tone stability and resistance to the signs of ageing. This particular paper complies with the ISO 9706 prerequisites required by the most important museums, offering deep blacks, excellent image sharpness and optimal colour gradation whilst its unique and lightweight grain renders it ideal for printing particularly detailed works, colour photographs or black and white portraits.

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Platine Fibre Rag 310 Gr
Canson® Infinity Platine Fibre Rag is the result of the combination of premium 100%-cotton Platinum paper, which Canson® has produced for many years for the platinum and palladium photo-printing market. With the most advanced microporous coating, it makes traditional photographic paper used in darkrooms also available for digital prints. Specially developed as a paper for use in the “digital darkroom”, Platine Fibre Rag reproduces the characteristics and sensations of F-type Baryta fibre paper, which has a pure white colour without the use of optical blues that alter the conservation of digitally-printed images over time. The elevated deep black point (Dmax) and exceptional shades of grey renders Platine Fibre Rag an ideal product for the most exacting photographic prints, in black and white or in colour.

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Baryta Prestige 340 Gr
Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige consists of an acid-free alpha-cellulose base and white cotton paper, with a barium sulphate coating. It is a smooth Baryta Glossy paper that evokes the appearance and aesthetics typical of traditional darkroom papers. The features of this paper are truly unique – it guarantees exceptional durability, fabulous optical density of the black (Dmax) and fantastic image sharpness. The paper has good planarity with an excellent homogeneous surface, responding well to cutting and offering a slight difference in gloss between the printed and unprinted sections. It also satisfies an extraordinarily broad gamut that improves colour reproduction and increases visual impact. Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige is an innovative product dedicated to the most experienced photographers and printers, both for the realisation of archival prints in black and white as well as for those in colour.

Start From 9,76
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The Spacer is a strip of wood of the same color of the frame that serves to distance of 1 cm the photo from the glass and is required if there isn't passepartout.

Available passepartout
Passepartout size (cm)
V Groove(*)

*The V-GROOVE option is a V-shaped incision made in the cardboard 1 cm from the edge of the inner hole of the passepartout. This precious detail offers added value to the photo and to the work of art generally.

Rear cardboard(*)

*The rear cardboard is suited for portfolio presentation and filing.


We supply a latest generation invisible glass which uses Magnetron Sputtering (Hard Coating) technology, making it easy to clean and very resistant to scratching. This special glass transmits 99 % brightness with a visible light reflection of just 0,5%. Invisible glass is available in two types with different uv protection: ZeroGlass filters more than 70% of UV rays while ZeroGlass Pro.Tech.t protects more than 99%.

Foam board(*)

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