Gianni Pezzani – Noema Gallery

"I Viraggi" by Gianni Pezzani will be open at the Après Coup Bistrot on the occasion of the thirteenth Photofestival in Milan, which will remain active from 24 April to 30 June 2018.

Presented by Noema Gallery and in collaboration with Aprés Coup Bristot "I Viraggi" tell about the possibilities to develop by veering the color film that was used in the seventies of the last century.
The result has a taste now lost and therefore very interesting.
The exhibition, curated by Noema Gallery in collaboration with Sarah Lanzoni, was inaugurated on May 22nd and will remain open until June 15th in via Privata della Braida 5 in Milan.

Apres Coup Bistrot | private route of the Braida 5 – Porta Romana – 20122 Milan

from Tuesday to Saturday 8.30-22.00