Still life? tells through my photos, a state of dependency, of slavery to which many women are forced.
A mask can hide, but more often it cancels the dignity of a woman, her independence, her freedom.
But the mask can also protect perpetrators, men, often unpunished and free to act as masters and slavers.
Let's take off the mask everyone, we have the courage to fight so that respect is for everyone, in equal dignity.
Thanks to Manuela, Veronica, Diana, Licia, Fabiana, Sara, Martina, Jennifer, Ilaria, Manuela, Silvia, Mariagiovanna, Paola, Francesca, Valentina and Enrico. Thank you for helping to make the project a reality!

– Fabrizio Fontanelli

12 – 28 April

Atelier Via Due Gobbi 3

Via Due Gobbi, 3, 42121 Reggio nell'Emilia