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Ermanno Foroni

Ermanno Foroni

Ermanno Foroni born in Reggio Emilia in 1958. In the eighties began his photographic career, now focused on social issues such as exclusion, child exploitation and poverty in the Third and Fourth World. The first photographs date back to 1986 and represent the gold diggers in Sierra Pelada in Brazil, also known as garimpeiros. During the following years he devoted himself to various photographic reports in Yugoslavia, from Sarajevo to the forefront of the fighters in Gorni Vacuf (1992). Continues in 1994 in South Africa, followed by India (1995), Bangladesh (1996) and in Sahrawy (2011). In 2000 FIAF publishes a monograph entitled "The difficulty of living: images from Bangladesh." Afterwards in 2003 he published "Uomini senza", a retrospective of photographs published by the Unesco Club of Reggio Emilia. In 2005 he released the collection "Madagascar: the colors of black" representing the islanders in their daily lives. The following year Foroni is committed to documenting the renovation of the orphanage of Sighet in Romania, a project financed by Iscos of Reggio Emilia and the photos are published in a collection called "Sighetu Marmatiei - The return from the dream." Other shots of the author depict the primitive tribes of Dani and Korowai, the island of Java (1996), the Bucharest children living underground urban (2001), the first images shown from Afghanistan after the defeat of the Taliban (2002), in the same year Foroni makes a reportage also in Palestine. The larger project is surely "Mine" which collects images of miners of gold, coal, silver, sapphire, diamond and coltan taken from 1986 to 2008 in seven different locations: Brazil, Romania, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo Muanga, Kivu, Congo and Sierra Leone.

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