Choose Passepartout for best photos for your works

Our goal is to protect and enhance your photographs. For this reason, in addition to high-quality frames, we suggest you Matboard for photos with cardboard of certified value

Each photo of any size can have its Passepartout, as Passepartout is available for different size and customized photos. The computerized cut at 45 ° gives the photo the deepest depth, enhancing its aesthetic appearance.

Choose your Matboard for photos by incorporating external measurements, hole measurements, margins and other variable data, useful for making Passepartout really perfect for you.

Do you already know our company? For three generations we have been working on frames and conservative materials for your works and photo author. Find out more about our Passepartout for photos!.

Bespoke cut conservative passepartout

Bespoke cut acid free and conservative passepartout series Mi-Teintes