Glass to protect art enhances the beauty of your works.

What is the best glass to protect art? Contact Bartoli Cornici and find out all our solutions. For over three generations Bartoli Cornici works with innovation and commitment to develop products dedicated to connoisseurs, photographers, organizations, associations, photographers and author painters.

The glass to protect art has to put the works in the center, ensuring a great visibility and enhancing the original beauty. For this reason, Bartoli Cornici offers you an invisible glass of last generation which, thanks to the Magnetron Sputtering technology, is very abrasion-resistant, easy to clean and guarantees a great brightness: this special glass filters up to 70% of the UV rays, transmits the 99% of the luminosity of the work and reduces the reflection of light to less than 0.5%.

Those who want a glass to protect even more conservative art can choose a top quality glass that filters up to 92% of the UV rays. The reflection of light at this point is less than 1%.

Find out more about our special art and paintings glasses, know our company better and do not hesitate to contact us for information.