Bartoli Cornici, excellent conservative Passepartout.

If you are looking for conservative Passepartout, find out all the models offered by Bartoli Cornici. For more than three generations we work to preserve works and in the last decades we are specialized in photo authoring. Our products are dedicated to photography enthusiasts, photographers, bureaus, collectors and all connoisseurs, who intend to enhance the beauty of their works

For this reason we propose Matboard conservative and Matboard museums of different model and size, to fully satisfy your every need.

If you want to buy online museums Carton, do not hesitate to choose from our proposals.

Bartoli Cornici puts you at your disposal custom-cut, conserved Passepartout, with no grain surface and antifungus treatment; Passepartout acid free, acid free, available in twelve different colors; Passepartout Museum of certified quality, made up of selected cellulose and calcium carbonate; Passepartout Museum 100% cotton, from natural to ivory color, useful especially for photographic storage and vintage engravings.

Find out more about our company and our conservative Passepartout. Enter external measurements, hole measurements, margins and other variable data to order your customized Passepartout.