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You can choose your photograph from a selection taken by young emerging photographers and established professionals. The works come in a range of formats and are available in limited edition prints, signed by the author. Each work is accompanied by our certificate of authenticity.
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Dedicato a L.A. Lavoisier 9 - 2010
Fabrizio Fontanelli
ricordi- 2013
Corrado Moscardini
Impulsi 2013-1708
Giuliano Ferrari
Berlino, 1999
Vasco Ascolini
I do grow the barbie
Davide Fontanili
Talada di Busana Reggio Emilia 2013
Paolo Simonazzi
Impulsi 2011-315
Giuliano Ferrari
serie places- scalinata n2- 2015
Corrado Moscardini
Tristesse - 2015
Fabrizio Fontanelli
Photo format
Traditional frames Frames design Photo frames on dibond and diasec without glass Photo frames on dibond with glass
* The Spacer is a strip of wood of the same color of the frame that serves to distance of 1 cm the photo from the glass and is required if there isn't passepartout.
V Groove(*)
*The V-GROOVE option is a V-shaped incision made in the cardboard 1 cm from the edge of the inner hole of the passepartout. This precious detail offers added value to the photo and to the work of art generally.
Rear cardboard (*)
*The wallet back is suited for portfolio presentation and filing.
Glass  Non consentito con questa cornice
*We supply a latest generation invisible glass which uses Magnetron Sputtering (Hard Coating) technology, making it easy to clean and very resistant to scratching. This special glass filters up to 70% of UV rays, transmits 99% of the brightness of the work and the visible light reflection is less than 0.5 %. To satisfy the demands of those looking for a product offering even more conservative protection, we supply a glass produced using the same Magnetron Sputtering (Hard Coating) technology but which filters up to 92% of UV rays. This fantastic invisible glass transmits 98 % brightness with a visible light reflection of just 1%.
Exceeded the maximum size of the frame Exceeded the maximum size of the passepartout paper
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